Mr Pickles Food Emporium

Mr Pickles’ Yorkshire Food Emporium

An in-town wonderland of fresh out-of-town delights

After experiencing the produce of the Sheffield Honey Company, we thought we’d have a look at some of their stockists to see if we could uncover any other gastronomic gems in Sheffield.  To our delight we found Mr PicklesYorkshire Food Emporium on Abbeydale Road.

The shop is located on the corner of Abbeydale and St Ronan’s Road and from the outside appears clean and unassuming – only a small sandwich board points to the delights within.  The interior is similarly adorned as they let the produce speak for itself, no over-the-top and unnecessary advertising  to distract you from the tastiness of the actual items on sale.  Mr Pickles stocks a range of meat, fish, dairy products, fruit & veg as well as artisan breads and beers, wines & spirits.  We’re reliably informed a beer blog will be appearing shortly, look them up on Facebook for updates.

Veg at Mr Pickles

Everything sold in store is from Yorkshire:  from beef to buffalo, cheese to chorizo, lemongrass to lemon tart ice cream.  They’re so proud of Yorkshire stock they claim:  “If it’s produced in Yorkshire and of good quality we will stock it.”  We were pleased to see Dungworth Farm’s ‘Our Cow Molly’ milk being stocked when the supermarkets are driving the humble dairy farmer out of business.  So helpful is Mr Pickles that they began stocking the smaller 1 pint bottles too after customer requests.

The store has a refreshingly honest ethos, they will never try to ‘up-sell’ or encourage you to buy more than you need, to reduce unnecessary food wastage.  They are also proud to state that they don’t participate in any “confusing special offers or buy-one-get-one-free shenanigans”.  Although they do sell the good value ‘Stew pack’, containing everything necessary to make tasty stew at home – that’ll take the hassle out of cold winter nights.

Mr Pickles Stew Offer

We found the staff really friendly and the shop assistant who served us was proud to tell us that the shop was owned by a Sheffielder who has his eye on #greensheffield:  their deliveries are grouped together; they use recyclable packing; and all their produce is from suppliers within the county.  She was also eager to inform us about the free recipes they offer, including giving away smoked garlic last weekend to compliment that day’s Cauliflower with smoked garlic & cheddar recipe.  They have an interesting blog that contains a mixture of recipes including Christmas dinner as well as delicious meat-eater and vegetarian ideas – can’t wait to try the slow cooked pork belly!

Mr Pickles packaging

The flapjack we purchased had a buttery taste that is sadly missing from most shop bought jacks – it’s definitely left us wanting more!  Mr Pickles is a fine fixture in the Abbeydale Road community.  Encouraging you to pop in on the way home to get the freshest produce, their opening hours are pretty good for a local store.  Open an impressive seven days a week from 8am until 8pm.  You can call 0114 258 8805 or email with enquiries.

Don’t just believe them or us, search for their Twitter @mrpicklesfood to see what their customers have to say!

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