Picturing Sheffield Exhibition

Picturing Sheffield Exhibition at the Millennium Gallery

29th November 2014 – 12th April 2015

We took a trip down to the Millennium Gallery to visit their ‘Picturing Sheffield‘ exhibition. ¬†Sheffield’s ‘green’ status, due to the volume of Peak District National Park within its borders, has been long established but this exhibition seamlessly explores the natural aspects, along with it’s industrial heritage showing the beauty and the majesty of both aspects.

Works from a variety of artists are displayed including Derrick Greaves ‘Sheffield 1953′, Sydney Marsden and my personal favourite the simple lines of Jonathan Wilkinson including ‘The Egg Box’ and ‘Castle Market’.

The exhibition is extensive with work in a variety of mediums: traditional formats such as watercolours and oils, through to more modern works in digital print, embroidery is covered as is animation with ‘Oyl Int Ruwad’ (Hole in the Road) being shown on a large screen – a lego animation featuring the Everly Pregnant Brothers.

The exhibition is clearly focused on being as all-encompassing as the space will allow and includes the opportunity for visitors to leave their comments on their favourite view of Sheffield. ¬†Can’t wait to start hunting out our own!



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