A range of different honey produced by Sheffield Honey Company

Sheffield Honey Company

Like Winnie The Pooh, we like honey!

On a recent visit to the Millennium Gallery our eye was turned by the Sheffield Honey Company‘s range of products.  They are a Sheffield business that produces a range of honeys in hexagonal jars that remind you of a hive.  Whilst the packaging was what caught our attention we can now reliably inform you that their honey doesn’t only look good, it’s also tasty too.  We tried the blossom honey, the sticker on the top showed the hive it was from – in this case Weston Park.

Small jars of honey that make great wedding favours

A lovely runny honey that glistens on toast but was equally good with pancakes.


Bees are essential for pollinating plant life, without them plants just cannot grow so it’s great to see they have hives around Sheffield helping to keep the city green and vibrant.


They make four different kinds of honey: blossom, softest, borage and heather in 113g and 340g sizes.  You can get them from a number of Sheffield stockists including Stannington Fruit & Veg, Knab Farm Shop and Mr Pickles on Abbeydale Road to name only a few.  Alternatively you can buy jars direct, perfect for occasions such as wedding favours.

Honey Favours


If you can’t get to a supplier you can pick up a jar at the following events:

Sun 22nd : Netheredge Farmers Market

Sun 12th : Sharrow Vale Farmers Market

Sun 23rd – 25th : 2015 Sheffield Food Festival


The guy behind the company is Jez, he’s a lovely guy and you can see what exciting things he get up to on Twitter @SheffieldHoney.  We enjoyed watching him do the rounds in the freezing snow keeping his bees safe and warm.  Speaking of snow… the blossom honey also works well in a hot toddy!

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