Mr Pickles Food Emporium

Mr Pickles’ Yorkshire Food Emporium

An in-town wonderland of fresh out-of-town delights

After experiencing the produce of the Sheffield Honey Company, we thought we’d have a look at some of their stockists to see if we could uncover any other gastronomic gems in Sheffield.  To our delight we found Mr PicklesYorkshire Food Emporium on Abbeydale Road.

The shop is located on the corner of Abbeydale and St Ronan’s Road and from the outside appears clean and unassuming – only a small sandwich board points to the delights within.  The interior is similarly adorned as they let the produce speak for itself, no over-the-top and unnecessary advertising  to distract you from the tastiness of the actual items on sale.  Mr Pickles stocks a range of meat, fish, dairy products, fruit & veg as well as artisan breads and beers, wines & spirits.  We’re reliably informed a beer blog will be appearing shortly, look them up on Facebook for updates.

Veg at Mr Pickles

Everything sold in store is from Yorkshire:  from beef to buffalo, cheese to chorizo, lemongrass to lemon tart ice cream.  They’re so proud of Yorkshire stock they claim:  “If it’s produced in Yorkshire and of good quality we will stock it.”  We were pleased to see Dungworth Farm’s ‘Our Cow Molly’ milk being stocked when the supermarkets are driving the humble dairy farmer out of business.  So helpful is Mr Pickles that they began stocking the smaller 1 pint bottles too after customer requests.

The store has a refreshingly honest ethos, they will never try to ‘up-sell’ or encourage you to buy more than you need, to reduce unnecessary food wastage.  They are also proud to state that they don’t participate in any “confusing special offers or buy-one-get-one-free shenanigans”.  Although they do sell the good value ‘Stew pack’, containing everything necessary to make tasty stew at home – that’ll take the hassle out of cold winter nights.

Mr Pickles Stew Offer

We found the staff really friendly and the shop assistant who served us was proud to tell us that the shop was owned by a Sheffielder who has his eye on #greensheffield:  their deliveries are grouped together; they use recyclable packing; and all their produce is from suppliers within the county.  She was also eager to inform us about the free recipes they offer, including giving away smoked garlic last weekend to compliment that day’s Cauliflower with smoked garlic & cheddar recipe.  They have an interesting blog that contains a mixture of recipes including Christmas dinner as well as delicious meat-eater and vegetarian ideas – can’t wait to try the slow cooked pork belly!

Mr Pickles packaging

The flapjack we purchased had a buttery taste that is sadly missing from most shop bought jacks – it’s definitely left us wanting more!  Mr Pickles is a fine fixture in the Abbeydale Road community.  Encouraging you to pop in on the way home to get the freshest produce, their opening hours are pretty good for a local store.  Open an impressive seven days a week from 8am until 8pm.  You can call 0114 258 8805 or email with enquiries.

Don’t just believe them or us, search for their Twitter @mrpicklesfood to see what their customers have to say!

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The beautiful interior of Sheffield's Winter Garden

Winter Garden

A haven in the middle of the city

The finish of the Tour de France British stages did not show Sheffield off at its best.  The steel city was shown on television to be a disused industrial wasteland behind Meadowhall, when a lot of people thought the race should finish in the city itself.  The winter garden is not so much a  hidden gem as a polished one with its large glass roof, in fact it is one of the largest temperate glasshouses in the UK and the largest urban greenhouse anywhere in Europe!

The garden contains more than a whopping 2500 plants as well as sculptures and temporary exhibits.  Despite its giant size, 70 metres long by 22 metres high, when you walk through the doors it instantly feels warm, peaceful and intimate.  The clever layout with the plants down the centre provides you with a sense of seclusion as you walk around that feels far from the hustle and bustle outside.

Stunning blooms in the Winter Garden

As well as being green on the inside the building’s structure has been carefully considered.  The wood used in the frame is larch, in time this will turn silvery grey, and it was sourced from sustainable forests.  Due to its durability there was no need to add a preservative or coating to the wood, reducing the use of solvents and chemicals that might be harmful to the plants.  The building also has an intelligent management system to control the fans and vents making sure the temperature is maintained appropriately.

Access is excellent with disabled entrances at either end.  The interior is spacious to accommodate any user, although it does get a little more crowded when the Millennium Gallery has special events on.  If it does get crowded you can always take a break at Zooby’s Sandwich Deli & Fairtrade Coffee Bar on the Surrey Street end of the garden – they do a very nice nonalcoholic mulled wine to keep your insides warm when the outside’s cold.

The best thing about the garden is that the plants are regularly updated, up to five times a year, to give you something different to enjoy on each visit.  We’ll be heading back with a book to sit on one of the many interior park benches soon!


The garden is open from 8am until 8pm Monday to Saturday and 8am until 6pm on Sundays.

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A range of different honey produced by Sheffield Honey Company

Sheffield Honey Company

Like Winnie The Pooh, we like honey!

On a recent visit to the Millennium Gallery our eye was turned by the Sheffield Honey Company‘s range of products.  They are a Sheffield business that produces a range of honeys in hexagonal jars that remind you of a hive.  Whilst the packaging was what caught our attention we can now reliably inform you that their honey doesn’t only look good, it’s also tasty too.  We tried the blossom honey, the sticker on the top showed the hive it was from – in this case Weston Park.

Small jars of honey that make great wedding favours

A lovely runny honey that glistens on toast but was equally good with pancakes.


Bees are essential for pollinating plant life, without them plants just cannot grow so it’s great to see they have hives around Sheffield helping to keep the city green and vibrant.


They make four different kinds of honey: blossom, softest, borage and heather in 113g and 340g sizes.  You can get them from a number of Sheffield stockists including Stannington Fruit & Veg, Knab Farm Shop and Mr Pickles on Abbeydale Road to name only a few.  Alternatively you can buy jars direct, perfect for occasions such as wedding favours.

Honey Favours


If you can’t get to a supplier you can pick up a jar at the following events:

Sun 22nd : Netheredge Farmers Market

Sun 12th : Sharrow Vale Farmers Market

Sun 23rd – 25th : 2015 Sheffield Food Festival


The guy behind the company is Jez, he’s a lovely guy and you can see what exciting things he get up to on Twitter @SheffieldHoney.  We enjoyed watching him do the rounds in the freezing snow keeping his bees safe and warm.  Speaking of snow… the blossom honey also works well in a hot toddy!

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Picturing Sheffield Exhibition

Picturing Sheffield Exhibition at the Millennium Gallery

29th November 2014 – 12th April 2015

We took a trip down to the Millennium Gallery to visit their ‘Picturing Sheffield‘ exhibition.  Sheffield’s ‘green’ status, due to the volume of Peak District National Park within its borders, has been long established but this exhibition seamlessly explores the natural aspects, along with it’s industrial heritage showing the beauty and the majesty of both aspects.

Works from a variety of artists are displayed including Derrick Greaves ‘Sheffield 1953′, Sydney Marsden and my personal favourite the simple lines of Jonathan Wilkinson including ‘The Egg Box’ and ‘Castle Market’.

The exhibition is extensive with work in a variety of mediums: traditional formats such as watercolours and oils, through to more modern works in digital print, embroidery is covered as is animation with ‘Oyl Int Ruwad’ (Hole in the Road) being shown on a large screen – a lego animation featuring the Everly Pregnant Brothers.

The exhibition is clearly focused on being as all-encompassing as the space will allow and includes the opportunity for visitors to leave their comments on their favourite view of Sheffield.  Can’t wait to start hunting out our own!



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